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Born in Rome, in 2014 Christian takes the first steps into the fashion world. 

In the same year he gets in contact with the vintage world, which will follow him throughout his whole journey.  His relation with second-hand arose for both need and passion. 

This passion brought him to any event related to the fashion system: Milan, London, Florence, Paris. 

He also cooperated with international and national magazines, where he published some articles. But also with renowned street-style photographers.

He believes it does not take much to make fashion, taste is essential. Most of his articles are about vintage; about the amount of hidden treasures we cannot observe with proper attention. 

Most recently Christian also specialised in artistic production and direction, besides styling and personal care and assistance.

My source of inspiration is anything that surrounds me. It might be a movie, a band, a magazine.
I enjoy photographing with my eyes everything I see and reproduce it in my image and likeness, filtered by my taste. I am particularly attracted by the eighties.
I believe it has been the best decade in terms of fashion. Anytime I talk to people I say: I was born in the wrong age, or at least I belong to another era.


Everything started in 2014. With social media I had the opportunity to connect all my passions in one place and in one job. I always loved the photography, the fashion world and the vintage culture. And, as I said, with social media I founded the combo.
I immediately loved the vintage world because I felt the need to show that it’s possible to be fashionable and save money at the same time. Today it’s becoming a very common culture.

We are all unique. We just have to fin our uniqueness.

I like the research part, looking for the brand’s background and show what I learned to my audience. This is the foundation of my world. the story behind a dress is just very fascinating to me.

I would travel more, meet stories, people, look for clothes and share all this experiences. I also want to show how this my passion helped me in all my hard times.

My arts is just everything to me, this means showing all aspects of my life. This is what I’m trying to do.

My idol is for sure Nick Wooster, he is for me the icon of the men’s fashion.

My source of inspiration are all the “Disciplines” that surround us. One of my sources of inspiration can be a film, a musical group, a magazine. I love to capture everything I see with my eyes and reproduce it in my image and likeness, rather than likeness, to my taste.
I am attracted to a vintage current, I get married perfectly until the 80s, I think they were the best forty years of fashion. When I talk to people and insiders, I always say it: I was born in the wrong era or at least I am a person of other times.

I propose myself, what I like, what I see. I have no commercial strategies, if I like something I put it on, I customize it for me. I married a type of project that is vintage and the people who follow me are part of this type.

I have many. Today we are working for the next fashion week. Fingers crossed.

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